Fourth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics     Karlsruhe, Germany, September 2010
Paper submission
Paper submission (or registration for congress attendance without presentation) requires a user account at this website (closed). If you already have an account, please login now (the "Login Form" at the right column). After that,  you will see "User Menu" where you should choose "Submission" link to upload your paper.

To create a new account please follow the link "Register". It gives you possibility to check your submission status and get other information as frequently as you would need.
You will be able to
  1. change your contact information;
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  3. manage and update your submitted papers during the submission period;
  4. submit and monitor your student/researcher grant application;
  5. fill in and monitor your visa request if needed;
  6. pay your registration fee on-line.
  7. download and upload your copy-right form for your paper
Those who would like to attend the Congress without presenting a paper also will need a user account to make registration and to get access to the online payment system.

When you are ready, login to the site, go to "your profile and submissions" and upload your submission.

Please use these instructions and templates for formatting your paper:

The length of the paper should be 3 (three) pages. The submitted papers will be reviewed by the Conference TPC and, if accepted, published in the Conference Proceedings. After the review, the authors of accepted papers will have a possibility to update their papers taking into account the review comments and suggestions, as well as the latest results.

Paper prepared in any environment should be converted to a single PDF document.

(Please, make sure that all fonts are embedded in your PDF document.)

Note: only *.pdf files will be accepted during on-line submission.

Congress copyright form template can be downloaded from the author's personal pages after log in to the website.