Fourth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics     Karlsruhe, Germany, September 2010
Poster competition

The Conference organizers run two competitions for poster papers. The prizes awarded are for the best poster in Metamaterial Application and Experimental Studies and the best poster in Metamaterial Theory and Design. The awards are sponsored by the IET and Wiley respectively.

After a careful evaluation of the applications, the Steering Committee has selected the following finalists of the IET prize for the best poster in Metamaterial Application and Experimental Studies:

  • Dr. A. Anzulevich, for the paper Modeling of copper powder microwave heating with varying particle size
  • Dr. H. Nihei, for the paper Targeted optical control of confined light inside photonic crystals
  • Dr. A. Savchenko, for the paper The one-dimensional photonic crystal with antiferromagnetic interlayer ordering under external DC electric field as example of nonreciprocal bi-anisotropic medium
  • Dr. J. Carbonell, for the paper Transverse and longitudinal coupling in SRR stacks
  • Mr. S. Wuestner, for the paper Nonlinear gain and saturation effects in optical negative-index metamaterials
  • Dr. S. Moiseev, for the paper Heterogeneous composite coating with a low-reflection function
  • Dr. N. Grigoryeva, for the paper Dispersion characteristics of dual-tunable magnetic metamaterials
  • Dr. Y. Jin, for the paper Squeezing electromagnetic energy and enhancing magnetic field with a permeability-near-zero metamaterial
  • Dr. Y. S. Tan, for the paper Metamaterial mediated particle wave energy exchange
  • Mr. I. Bonev, for the paper Reduction of the absorption loss in the head by loading of PIFA with metamaterial and high permittivity structures
  • Prof. E. Rajo-Iglesias, for the paper Miniaturized reconfigurable filters based on microstrip horizontal corrugations
  • Prof. V. Dmitriev, for the paper Symmetry analysis of planar electromagnetic arrays in the long--wave approximation

The finalists of the Wiley prize for the best poster in Metamaterial Theory and Design are:

  • Dr. Y. L. Hor, for the paper Microfluid-jet fabrication of copper-clad polyimide metamaterials at submillimeter wavelengths
  • Dr. V. Kotov, for the paper Experimental investigation of optical activity, Faraday rotation, circular and magnetic circular dichroism in a single-defect nonmagnetic photonic crystal
  • Mr. A. Ortner, for the paper Terahertz near-field of complementary metamaterials
  • Dr. K. Takano, for the paper Photoconductive antenna with split ring resonators for terahertz radiation
  • Prof. A. Mukhamedgalieva, for the paper The formation of nanoclusters and periodic structures at the surface of the silicates by resonant CO2 laser irradiation
  • Mrs. Maria de Lourdes Miranda Medina, for the paper Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of a Swiss cross metamaterial
  • Mrs. G. Kharchenko, for the paper Spectra peculiarities of bi-periodical magnetophotonic crystal in microwave band
  • Mr. K. Nicholson, for the paper A metamaterial structure with high tunability
  • Dr. M. Yungui, for the paper Perfect imaging lens made by nonnegative metamaterials
  • Dr. H. Tang, for the paper Investigation of organic semiconductor poly-(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) designing for optically controlled phase-shifter

The finalists of the poster competitions should present their papers according to the technical program of the conference. The members of the endorsed Selecting Panel will interact with the presenters during the poster sessions and will select the winner. The winners of the best poster competitions will be announced at the congress closing ceremony.